Philips Strand Lighting NEO is the Perfect Choice for Pompton Lakes

Pompton Lakes High School Auditorium LED stage Lighting

In a lakeside New Jersey community, Pompton Lakes High School prides itself in providing opportunities to meet the needs of a diverse student population. With an award-winning fine arts program, the high school recently underwent a renovation to upgrade its performing arts space. To guide them during the project, Nelson Enterprises was brought on board as the systems integrator and to control the new lighting system they chose the NEO lighting control console from Philips Strand Lighting.

“In the beginning we were actually provided a sales lead from another company that brought us onto the project to complete the installation of the new lighting system at Pompton Lakes High School,” began Bill Nelson, Nelson Enterprises. “As a retrofit installation, the new system consists primarily of all LED lighting instruments that would require multiple control channels. Together with the school, we looked at a number of different consoles on the market, but in the end we all decided that the NEO lighting control console would be the best fit for the application.”

The NEO lighting control console marks a new chapter in the evolution of control giving operators the ability to grab, move, change color and motivate the lighting design simply and effectively through the inclusion of many timesaving features. Icons and Shutter controls are represented graphically on the display and Floating Windows allow the operator to configure their views their way making it easy to find information. Effects are revolutionized with “Time Line” features that allow for drag-and-drop options to create that perfectly timed sequence, and with its advanced pixel mapping abilities NEO is one of the most robust consoles available today. - Strand lighting


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